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3 Aug 2016

Sunshine and clouds

There are ups and downs, highs and lows – so says everyone. “It will pass,” they say, “everything is going to be alright.”
Giving ‘fly-away’ suggestions or advices to people who seem to be losing hope, fighting trauma or lots of pressure is an altogether different thing than being the suffering person oneself. Not many people are keen to put on someone else’s shoes. Many of us never try to understand someone else’s perspective.

26 Jul 2016

Imagination Boosted with #Colgate

There is magic and there is a story in everything we see and everything we come across. And kids… well; they have a completely different level of imagination. The children’s imagination knows no bound. It is amazing how the kids find happiness and story in simple things of life. A colourful fluttering butterfly or a cute puppy or a dried leaf lying on the ground, they are curious about everything. They always have something to say about everything; save the endless questions and the wonder in those innocent eyes.

10 Jul 2016

Now #CatchUpOnGrowth

A balanced diet to say in simple words is a diet that provides our body with adequate nutrients. Without a balanced diet, we remain prone to diseases. We may develop deficiency diseases and lose our immunity to a great extent. A proper diet is necessary for everyone and particularly, for children and adolescents. While adolescents are comparatively older and can understand the necessity of nutrients, children often tend to refuse to eat anything which they do not find ‘yummy’.

1 Jun 2016

There is no shame - #ShareTheLoad

Women are meant to do all the household chores – laundry, cooking, cleaning, and looking after the family members. And men; well, they are conditioned to think that they are bound to earn bread and butter for the family. But the times are changing now. Our society is not the one it used to be a hundred years ago. Today, our society is one of dynamism and technology. Side by side with men, women have stepped up and embraced the opportunities in every field of society.

21 May 2016

Veet brightening hair removal cream: review and swatches

Veet brightening hair removal cream: review

It was a hard time controlling myself from buying Veet Supreme Essence hair removal cream, when Veet launched it some years ago. I have always had a hard time with the hair removal creams as most of them tend to leave the skin darker post usage. But new Veet Brightening hair removal cream comes with the promise of ‘visibly brighter skin with every depilation’. When I saw its ad on the TV, I got really lured and went ahead to make one mine. The Veet brightening hair removal cream is available in two variants – for normal to dry skin and for sensitive skin. The one I have got is meant for normal to dry skin. I am reviewing it today and let’s find out if it lives up to its claims.

BlackPepper Technologies Pvt. Ltd acquires SiMASK Technologies

Black Pepper Technologies is a new generation, Silicon to System Design Service company, that is committed in providing differentiating design service capability from Tier-one to Tier- three semiconductor companies across the world. Differentiating itself in its end to end - world class engineering capability, premium technology knowhow, highly reliable ‘service technology’ that it offers to its customers. Driven by the passion to be a ‘single stop shop’ for their customers , offering them design service solutions that results in significant benefit on Cost, TAT, Reliability, Technology matrices, etc

14 May 2016

The Abode of Clouds

It was a fine Saturday evening in 2014 when Dad gave us a surprise by arranging for a vacation. We were all so thrilled. But the thrill suffered quite a blow when we became aware of the destination – Shillong. I and my brother had been begging Dad for a trip to Kerala since the start of the year but he refused to budge. At last, it was Dad who had his way. He convinced mom and also, me and my brother that we ought to know our native place and our neighbouring places before trying to venture in South India. Kerala trip could wait, he said!
Well, Dad had a point. Millions of foreigners might have visited Kaziranga National Park but I have not, yet. I am a native of Assam but I still have not visited the famous historical sites of Assam. Shillong is in Meghalaya, which is a sister state of Assam. It was the capital of Assam, once upon a time. Besides, it is full of scenic beauty. So eventually, we all agreed and packed for a few days stay in ‘the abode of clouds’ – Meghalaya.

Off we went to Shillong the next morning. Our home-town is at a few kilometers distance from Guwahati. We drove to Guwahati early in the morning. On reaching Guwahati, we went to my aunt’s (who lives there) place, parked our car there and headed to the Paltan Bazar area in Guwahati. From there, we booked a cab to Shillong. Buses are also available but cabs of course travel faster and are comfortable. From Guwahati, it is a few hours ride to Shillong.
After reaching Shillong, we went straight to a restaurant to fill our empty stomachs and then, we checked in a hotel. We stayed in Hotel Knight Inn. It was a budget hotel but comfortable enough. Our stay in Shillong began with a visit to the Umiam Lake. The lake with its surroundings felt so divine. It was a great start for our short vacation. Then we visited Lady Hydari Park, which is a famous and lovely park of Shillong. It is a store-house of loads of flowers, stunning orchids and plants. The laughter of the merry children playing there only added to the beautiful and soothing environment.

Being quite tired after leaving the park, we went back to our hotel and got some rest. The hours long drive from Guwahati through the hilly tracts made my head spin for a while. In the evening, I went out with my parents and my brother to enjoy the sight of Shillong at night. We dined at a restaurant serving local cuisines. We savoured the local delicacies with great delight.
The next day, we woke up early and got ready to go and see the Shillong peak. But we had to cancel it so; we went to visit the Elephant Falls, instead. Thereafter, we shopped a bit in Bara Bazaar and paid a brief visit to the Butterfly museum. After we had had lunch, we checked out of the hotel and headed to Cherrapunjee. It was a great journey to Cherrapunjee. The place was so clean and beautiful that we felt heavenly. However, our fun ended too soon and abruptly. Mom began to complain of constant headache and nausea. Spending a few hours in Cherrapunjee, we headed back to Shillong and from there, to Guwahati.

Shillong was fun but this summer, we are seriously planning for a week-long vacation in Kerala. It is going to be hot but we are visiting, anyway. We are travelling by air, this time. Dad is quite choosy about airlines. We might opt for Indigo Airlines, though!